We are an exceptional Guild on World Of Warcraft. We are non-judgemental, totally bonkers, very helpful and very friendly. Most of the time we are very random and very silly. We are a casual guild who play for fun

As in life we face lot's of challenges. So do we in Hellsing's Army.
New found friendships, unexplored territories, enemies ...
Hellsing's Army is what binds us in what and who we are.
If we work together we can overcome anything and prevail in glorious victory.
Help each other, be fair set the standard high.
Hellsing's Army has a good reputation, as each member contributes in some way to the community.
I am very proud of u all.
Make urself heard with a loud voice.
Kyaan (aka KamiKyaan The Blade)


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Dastardly deeds – the guide for roleplaying an evil character. Something the RP part of you might like?

So you're a druid and you have chosen a different path than the ferals and restos. You also happen to like PvP, but might be wondering what to do. This thread right here might just help you out a little!

If you like raiding as a dps player, and happen to play an elemental shaman, this thread could provide you with some pointers for maximising your DPS!

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